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extract Unwanted materials & toxins from the body

Enhancing the body's blood circulation & metabolism

highly effective in blocking the absorption of oil, sugar and starch

Release nutrients and balance up appetite

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Extraction of the Body Heavy Metals 

MagZero™ helps to stimulate Blood Circulation & Metabolism in one's body. 

100% Organic

Our product is 100% made of natural ingredients.

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A new body relieving patch! MagZero™️ is here to help you get through your day! MagZero™️ extract the essence of nano magnet, capsaicin, salicornia and natural herbs to absorb the unwanted materials.

The nano magnet in the center of the patch produces magnetic waves to pass through the skin and perform massages. Once the magnetization pass through the skin, it will release nutrients in your body and eliminates toxins.

The capsaicin in MagZero™ is an extract from hot chili peppers that helps to stimulate metabolism and burn abdominal fats. The essence can be quickly absorbed into the body through our navel area due to the thin belly wall.

extract unwanted materials & toxins from the body

Enhancing The Body's Blood Circulation & Metabolism

Highly Effective In Blocking The Absorption Of Oil, Sugar And Starch

Release Nutrients And Balance Up Appetite

Lighten Your Body Waste

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Is MagZero™️ suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is suitable for daily use. Just clean your skin and naval area with a warm towel before using MagZero™️. Patch it on for 8-12 hours, the beneficial ingredients of the MagZero™️ will be fully absorbed by the body and function will be maximized.

How long should the MagZero™️use to get results?

For best results, put on MagZero™️ daily for at least 30 days to get a better result. You can feel your body lighter and more energized. 

Are the magnet & capsicin in MagZero™️ too harsh to use on our skin?

The nano magnet and the essence of capsicin used on MagZero™ are very gentle but effective. So, it is safe to use on human skin.

Does MagZero™️ have any side effects?

No, it would not have side effects on the human body.