Channeling your faith and soul

Praying and having faith in anything you do is important. However, everyone has the tendency to lost faith and become desperate from time to time, especially when life gets tough and tougher. As disappointment and despair comes, people will lose faith and go insane in mind.

While this can be a completely normal occurrence, there is a fix to this disheartened feeling. As in the ancient times, various accessory such as bracelet, pendant, wristband and more, can be blessed by sincere faith and prayers. Wearing a blessed bracelet will bring your faith, soul and mind together.

Handmade with love and a sincere heart

Each colored beads in the Salvations™ Bracelet means a specific meaning, black means Sin, red means Christ's blood, white means Forgiven, blue means Baptism, green means Growth and gold means Eternal Life.

Salvations™ Bracelet is made from pure handcraft from a hidden church in the east, who she said to stay anonymous. It is made using high-quality, hand-picked colored volcanic stone, sanded into sphere shape and tie onto a flexible treads by hand.

How To Use

WEARING - The Salvations™ Bracelet must always be wore on the right hand, as it signify the honor and status of the biblical text. By wearing it on your right hand & pray, it will bring a calmness to your mind.

CLEAN - Simply clean the Salvations™ Bracelet with running water, and rub it dry with a clean towel. The Salvations™ Bracelet should always stay clean & shiny on the surface.

PRAYER- Practice your regular prayers while wearing the Salvations™ Bracelet daily. Always have a positive mindset for the Bracelet to be effective.

What Customers Are Saying

Dustin H.

✓  Verified Purchase  

"I was diagnose with stomach cancer & the doctor said I will only live for 9 more months. Luckily I found the Salvations™ Bracelet here! I wore it and pray to god everyday, trying my best to live a positive life. Surprisingly, I've survived for years and I've even attended my daughter's university graduation ceremony!"

Catherine Omalley

✓  Verified Purchase  

“I have really bad eye sight from birth, and it get worst significantly when I turned adult. It was at my 21st birthday that my eye required a surgery for Glaucoma. I'm in risk for losing my eye sight permanently and I'm so scared. My mother got the Salvations™ Bracelet to pray and comfort me. Fortunately, things went well and I've regained my eye sight. It was a risky surgery but the doctors said things went exceptionally well." 

Alex Smith

✓  Verified Purchase  

“I'm in love with this product! I'm not a big religious person but I decided to give this product a try out of curiosity. I notice a difference in my mood and energy when I wear it for daily prayers. It's by no means a miracle, but I do feel just a little better then I do without it! Every little bit helps for us folks with positive vibes and motivations energy! I find the texture smooth and solid! I'll definitely continue to recommend this."


Is this Salvations™ Bracelet magically real?

Salvations™ is a 100% handmade, with holy prayers and blessing on it. With a sincere heart and forgiving mind, it will surely bring good news to those who're in need.

What is the best way to use it?

Wear the Salvations™ on your right hand daily. Always ensure the cleanliness of the bracelet and avoid wearing other bracelet on the same hand.

Is this safe for kids to wear?

Salvations™ Bracelet is safe for all ages. It is made of spherical volcanic stones, a type of material that is do not react even to sensitive skins.

How long can this be wore?

Salvations™ Bracelet can be wore for a lifetime.


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