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Reduce the burden of lymphatic system

Relax the muscles and tendons

Eliminate detox from the body

promote body metabolism

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100% Organic

Our product is made of 100% natural plant-based ingredients.

Purification of the Lymphatic System

Super Patch™️ eliminate toxins in the body, flushing out waste and relax the muscle and tendons.

It is a lab tested natural herbs mix formula that is hugely beneficial to the human body, it accelerate your body's natural detoxing process by expelling excessive heavy metals element circulating around your body, effectively flushing the accumulated toxins & poison through the foot patch. 

After the natural ingredients being absorbed by the human body, the natural herbs in the Super Patch™️ will immerse to the human body. It eliminate the detox from the body by means of regulating meridians and activating blood. 

It's definitely a green way of detoxification and pain targeted relief.

Reduce the burden of the lymphatic system

Relax the muscles and tendons

eliminate detox from the body

Promote body Metabolism

improve sleep quality


Thoroughly clean and dry your feet. Simply apply it underneath your foot before sleeping, allow it between 6-8 hours for full absorption before removing the pads. If there is residues on the feet, use water to clean it. Use it continuously for remarkable results.


“This is a natural way I have never tried before and now I have been using it about a week. The patches are turned black every time I using it. It does improve my back pain as I work in the Hotel Reception. I will order more, because it really works for me, thanks!"

Vanessa Delton

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“After years of chronic back pain, I was not optimistic that I would ever find relief. But everything changed when I meet Super Patch™️! The detox from my body was appeared on the patches and I feel relaxed when I wake up in the morning. It is effective to reduced the pain and accelerate our body's natural detoxing process. I will continue to use as it is useful to me. "

Michael Berg

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“The adhesive is good and sticks well. Finally I bought a foot patches which was good in quality. It helps to keep the patch in place. I use these patches now twice a week over the weekend. It has taken out the toxins and the color of the patch did become light. You can get the results as you want, if you continuously use it."

Alisa Werner

✓  Verified Purchase  


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Full Treatment Set

20 Nights Use

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30 Days No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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5 Nights Use


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10 Nights Use

$11.33 / pack


30 Days No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Frequently . Asked . Question

Is Super Patch™️ suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is suitable for daily use. Just put on the Super Patch™️ before going to bed and remove it after waking up. In 5-8 hours, the beneficial ingredients of the Super Patch™️ can be fully absorbed by the body, and the function of the Super Patch™️ can be maximized.

How long should the Super Patch™️ use to get results?

For best results, put on Super Patch™️ every night for a general course of 1 month. You can feel your body relaxed and the quality of sleep improved. 

Can Super Patch™️ be worn during day time?

As sleeping will trigger your body's natural detoxification process, it is recommended to wear the Super Patch™️ while sleeping. 

However, wearing during day time also does provide similar benefits to the body.

Why Super Patch™️ turned black after use?

The Super Patch™️ will turn dark as this shows that the impurities been expelled from the body. After a sustained period of use, you will notice that they don’t come out gooey in the morning anymore.

What are the ingredients of Super Patch™️?

The bamboo vinegar is the main ingredients in Super Patch™️. Bamboo vinegar has a better cleaning effect on human body and efficiently improve sleep functions. 

All ingredients used is plant-based essence.

Does Super Patch™️ have any side effects?

No, it does not have any side effect.