This young boy almost lost his mind until he started playing Ukulele

This young award-winning ukulele player who once suffered from a learning disorder, is now surprising the world with his breathtaking Ukulele skills. 

Kenny's performances are phenomenal and people love the songs he composed. He is also known as a musical prodigy with an amazing memory span. He can remember a melody by just listening or looking at the notes once.

Kenny's father, Leonard, gave a little insight into Kenny's journey of recovery.

Realizing Kenny's Challenges might be an issue

"When he was 2, we realized that he couldn't walk stably and he always stumbled."

"At first, we thought he might be a late bloomer and soon he'll be able to walk well."

"But as he grew up, we noticed that he wouldn't start talking or learning like an average kid would."

- Leonard

"Mixing around with the kids at school was too overwhelming for him too."

"The worst of all was that he had meltdowns frequently in public places."

"When something unexpected happened, he would lose it and cry."

- Leonard

Worried that something must be wrong, they sent Kenny for a check up.

It turned out he had been diagnosed with Dyslexia

They sent him to different therapies and tried to teach him Ukulele. But there was no significant improvement.

Until Leonard signed Kenny up for an international Ukulele Camp in Taranaki. The strangest thing happened when they stayed for the camp in the village.

"Few minutes after the arrival at the campsite, I noticed Kenny looked a lot calmer."

"During the first jamming session, he seemed really focused and he was enjoying himself."

"Within few hours, he learned all the basic chords that he failed to pick up for the past one month."

"By the end of the camp, Kenny was able to play a whole song with Ukulele smoothly."

- Leonard

Dr. Richard Began To Look Deeper

Certained that there is a scientific explanation to this, Dr. Richard decided to visit the village for an investigation. After spending a week in the village, his mind was clearer and his reaction was a lot faster and sharper than before.

Desperate to know more, Dr. Richard collected some Eucalyptus leaves and soil from the village. 

After he did an in dept analysis in his lab, he discovered something astounding.

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- Dr. Richard

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- Dr. Richard

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