A girl who never felt silence 

Jessica who had 'superpower' - ability to hear the things which were inaudible to others. 

She could hear very kind of sound, be it soft, harsh or on loud. 

She was not able to distinguish the sound she heard as everything she heard appeared to be on high pitch for her.

Jessica's mother, Eva Brown, gave a little insight into Jessica's journey of recovery.

Realizing Jessica's Challenges might be an issue

When Jessica was 8, she often shared the sound she heard with her friend.

But they often find thing scary and stay away from her, in turn, she didn't even open up to her mom.

As she grew up, the 'superpower' turned out to be harmful to her.

"I wish that I can know it earlier so that she wouldn't suffer for such a long time."

"Mixing around with the friends at school was too overwhelming for her too."

"The worst of all was that she had never felt silence."

Eva Brown

Worried that something must be wrong, they sent Jessica for a check up.

It turned out She had been diagnosed with 

Bilateral Superior Semicircular Canal Resonance

They visited many specialists, taking various medicines and therapy, but everything was blank in front of them. Just when they were about to give up, Jessica's uncle (Dr. Keith Wilson)

came and visit them. 

He found that Korowai people are lived in touch with nature and they also able to see further, hear better and react faster than anyone. The secret behind the unique ability could be the scent of the Cassia which helps to activate the dormant auditory circuit. 

Dr. Keith Wilson To Look Deeper

As the Korowai tribe's traditional incense just wasn't practical in the modern age. Therefore, Dr. Wilson developed his own distillation process. Finally, he successfully bringing the ancient Korowai tradition to the modern age into a simple and easy solution.

"It could triggers receptors in the brain to send signal throughout the nervous systems. Tapping into inactive parts of brain and reconnecting dormant neural circuits in the brain." 

"It allowing the mind to function at its full potential in order to prevent and reverse diseases that cause brain degeneration."

Best Brain Power Solution: Chatum™

"The Cassia essence allow neurons to function smoothly alongside each other."

"It can improve alertness, focus, reaction time and even stimuli like touch, hearing and sight more effectively."

- Dr. Wilson

"Chatum™ give Jessica freedom over her mind and hearing."

- Eva Brown

"Thanks to Chatum™, I can now live without harsh sound"

- Jessica

No harm to give it a try