A Homeless Changed His Life After A Bravery Act 

Nicholas was sent to the orphan center since he was 15 as he don't have any identity card. As he grew up, the orphan center couldn't take him in due to economic uncertainty and difficulties. 

He has no choice but to start to beg at the street, place to place, as he has no other income source.

This day, he was sleeping in front of an antique shop, and he heard and saw the antique shop were being robbed. 

Nicholas quickly blocked the exit and they caught the thief. 

"The owner felt grateful for my bravery and gave me a mysterious package as reward."

"Thank you for your kindness. Just wear this, your kindness would one day be rewarded."

-Owner of Antique shop               

Strange Things Happened After The Day 

Inside, there was an odd looking bracelet in it. He put on the odd looking bracelet.

"It looked good on me. I decided to just wear it to see what happens."

- Nicholas Watt

A few days later, Nicholas received a call from Orphan Centre and they told him there is a shelter willing to take him in!

He also received a call from his friend in Orphan Centre to start a business together after that! 

Unexpected, our business took in just weeks!

"Things seems to goes wrong after I lost the odd looking bracelet during the trip."

"I was forced to close down the business as my friend run away with all the money. Several days later, my bank account was hacked and lost my remaining money."

- Nicholas Watt

The reason Behind of the surprising fortune in his life

When he was about to give up, his business friend came a call and tell him how she got better after getting the exact same bracelet. 

After he got the new one, the opportunities knocks his door again!

"I got back my money after my friend been arrested by the police. I managed to start back my business again! I even found my biological mother! 

"Life began to be good again for me..."

- Nicholas Watt

Best lucky charm: five elements bracelet

"Besides me, the bracelet has been the saving grace for many people."

"One shared how he found his true love after being single for so many years."

"Another finally cured from his stage 3 cancer in the hospital within a few weeks."

"I could have used it to escape from my bumpy life earlier and enjoy the better things in life."

"Everything just goes my way!"

-Nicholas Watt

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