He hails this cure as the "Miracle Treatment"

In the next 90 seconds, this impressive 85-year-old farmer is going to reveal the ultimate cure that he applied to cure his back pain.

"It changed my life entirely! I'm 85 but I feel like I'm 30 again!

- Rory

Few years ago, Rory had retired from his farming job and passed it to his son.

His son improved the farming efficiencies by using modern methods.

Rory was happily taking care of his grandson with his free time. Until one day...

Rory's son got into a fatal accident

Rory was devastated but he had to move on with life and return to the farm.

He thought it would be easy by continuing using the modern machine. He fertilized the crops by using a drone.... but he crashed it and didn't had the money to fix.

Even though he felt terrible and helpless, he insisted to finshed the farm jobs by himself.

Sometimes, he spent up to 10 hours a day working in the farm. Besides that, he also need to take care of his grandson. Eventually, he suffered from serious back pain.

One Day, Rory failed to attend his grandson graduation ceremony

Carrine, the school teacher came by to visit Rory to find out the reason. She was shocked to see that Rory was laying on bed and couldn't stand up.

"What happened to you? How can I help you Rory?" Carrine asked.

"I can't move my body, my back are extreamly pain..." Rory.

Carrine quickly took out her Koniry™ Essential Oil which help her mom before, and help massage on to Rory's back.

Koniry™ Essential Oil Relieves The Pain

Rory was so surprised that it help to relieve the pain and was able to stand up after resting for 1 hour.

" I can't believe this is truly happening to me, it was amazing!" - Rory

Meet Dr Ghakarhi, one of the well known doctor in treating back pain. 

Dr Ghakarhi has inherited the ancient recipe from his family lineage.

Cypress oil is an essential oil made from the twigs, stems, and leaves of the cypress tree native to Lesotho.

It has been used to treat the Royal family for centuries.

Cypress oil is one of the many essential oils used to relieve pain. While it’s often called an antispasmodic, meaning it can reduce muscle pain and cramps, particularly good at soothing muscle pain.

medically proven that relieves your body aches

"According to research, 80 out of 100 people experienced chronic back pain. However, if we apply Koniry™ Cypress oil and massage on the pain area, the body will absorb all the essences of the herbs and spread throughout our entire body." - Dr Ghakarhi 

"I just massage it on before i go to bed, and what happened the next day was nothing short of miracle. The next morning, I can feel that my back were not painful as before and very much recharged! I felt my back pain were totally relieved." Rory said after tested it out.

Koniry™ Essential Oil is perfect for anyone

"By Day 3, I could stand up and walk naturally again as long as I wanted to.

After a week, I started to work on the farm again. Two weeks later, I felt like 30 years old again!"

"After one month, I was back to normal life enjoying working for eight hours continuously."

- Rory

Users who have tried Koniry™ Essential Oil suggest how effective it is.

Relieving aches in the head, neck, back, knees and joints.

Some even say it improves their sleep quality and reduces depression.

With a one-night herb treatment, we can relieve pain and improve blood flow.

Koniry™ Essential Oil can transform your life too.

So, are you ready for a pain-free life today?

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