Child with ADHD 

Brain Power Essential Oil

Tuesday 29 December, 2020 | Paul Boyd

A lady who born with ADHD disorder were now a principal of an ADHD institution  

Belinda, a 23-year old principal of an ADHD institution. She set up this institution for people in need, so that their talents don't go to waste. She was born to an ordinary family and she was seen as an aggressive child due to her excessive energy. Her hyper activeness affected her studies and she also being discriminated by friends and their parents. 

"I was warned to behave, otherwise I'll be withdrawn from school. "


Treating brain disorder is not an easy journey....

Belinda's mum was so worried and bring her to a doctor and she was diagnosed with hyperactive disorder. The doctor recommend Belinda to do relaxing activities to calm her mind. She tried several calming therapies but none of it helped to improve her situation.

One afternoon, Belinda's mum brought Belinda to visit her aunt who just got back to town. Suddenly, Belinda's mum noticed the behavior of her daughter. She picked up a book and started reading calmly at a table. Belinda's mum then realized that the house had a calming scent. Belinda's aunt who is a doctor, revealed that it must be the essential oil that she was working on.

Great Invention by Dr. Paige

Dr. Paige researches a brain disorder management method. A new stride in the medical industry is making headlines worldwide. 

"Essential oils are commonly known for relaxing ones mind and body through it scent !"

"This essential oil helps to calm down the brain and allow better concentration on every aspect."

-Dr. Paige

Dr. Paige explains, Frankincense is the key ingredient that stimulate the brain power. It is a rare aromatic resin from Boswellia trees that grow in the mountainous regions of the Middle East. 

"The scent has the ability to stimulate brain cells. It also helps to strengthen mental stamina and improve spatial memory retention."

-Dr. Paige

Thanks for this Opportunity....

Belinda's mum immediately got a few bottles of essential oil after listening to Dr. Paige's explanations. 

From that day onwards, her mum made burning the essential oil as a routine while Belinda studied.

"Miraculously, my studies improved a lot once I got to calm down and focus."                 

"I realized it helped to boost my productivity and increase my energy level"                                                                                            -Belinda

Belinda's teachers also noticed that her level of intelligence was surprisingly advance after testing her in different aspects. Belinda's mum and aunt were so happy for her.

"Glad to see the successful result! I am happy with my invention."                                                                                                                    -Dr. Paige

No long after, Belinda was in love with Franse remedy and she decided to share it with people in need by opening up an institution for children with ADHD.

No harm to give it a try.