The boy who born without a brain

A newborn with only 3% of his brain developed in the womb

"I'm devastated by the news" 

Ayles, Elisey's mother

"My heart broke when the doctor said he had a brain defact."

"I was offered termination 5 times, but it was never an option for me"

"To me, I wanted to give Elisey the chance to live"

Ayles refused to give up on her son

Determined, she poured her soul into finding a way to aid her son.

To her surprise, Elisey's condition become better everyday, in an amazing speed.

This Captured The Interest Of A Leading Neurologist, Dr Bick

He learns music effortlessly as though he was born speaking them!

"I couldn't believe Elisey could master his music skill when he was just 7.

"Having such brain defact is extremely rare, but being able to recover & out-performing others with such disability is even rarer!"

"Being a neurologist for over 29 years, I've never witnessed this ever before. I need to find the secret behind it."

I could smell an aromatic, Floristic smell on him

"A while later, it gave my mind and body a rise.

Usually, my brain refuses to cooperate with me in the morning."

"After a sniff, my mind became clearer and I could solve the complicated tasks in less than 5 minutes.

This has never happened to me. I usually take about 45 minutes to solve it."

- Dr Bick

"My concentration levels has increased even on the smallest tasks.

This is the first time I felt like my mind had been activated and it eased my mental exhaustion." 

- Dr Bick

He could easily tell that Elisey's talent must be related to the scent.

"One day, while i was playing the piano"

"I noticed that Elisey become really calm, Elisey seems to be attracted deeply by music"

"So for months, I've spent 8 hours a day playing the piano for him"


One day, she heard "Moonlight Sonata" playing from the piano room. 

Elisey surprised Ayles even further by picking music up with amazing speed

With bated breath, Ayles watched Elisey's musical ability grow exponentially

It is time to reveal this great secret to everyone so that we can all benefit from it

"The scent is actually from Ylang Ylang which makes sense as it stimulate a lot of olfactory receptors."

"The results were incredible and way above my expectations.

My concentration had a 60% improvement in the first 3 days, thus making it easier for me to solve difficult tasks."

- Dr Bick

Dr Bick named it 'Gengcau' based on the Ylang Ylang flower's name in Eastern Tibet language.

"Compared to my little packet, Gengcau can outbeat it without a doubt.

I could tell the effects were doubled compared to my previous ones."

- Ayles

"My son was expelled from school due to his hyperactiveness. 

I struggled to teach him because he was moving nonstop."

"I was so close to giving up my son until I met Gengcau."

- Bobby' mum

"He is now calmer and his studies has improved a lot.

Not only did Gengcau change his life, it changed mine too."

- Bobby' mum

No harm to give it a try