Light Up Hope

A moment that I began to have hope again

Tuesday 30 March, 2021 | Liu Brown

A Misfortune Happened...

Mishaps started when Liu decided to try out the ‘Electric Drill Corn’ challenge. Halfway through the challenge her hair was enmeshed in the electric drill. The force of the drill was so strong that it made severe damage to the scalp and the hair follicles on the bald spot. This makes growth of new hair at the bald spot difficult.

"As a flight attendant, I lost my job due to my apperance situation."

Her life was suddenly turned upside down. She decided to isolate herself by not seeing anyone. Most times, she locked herself in her room. 

"It's really hard to bear the strange look of others on me"

A Gift from Friend

In desperation, she frantically tried various products hoping to find a remedy to her situation.

"None worked..."

Some of the products brought adverse effects causing the wound to swell and itch.

"Just as all hope seemed to be lost, I received a gift from my friend, Jenny."


Light up Hope

Just when she thought all is lost… her friends, Jenny recommended her to choose GinPoly™ Haircare Essence. She told her that GinPoly™ can cure most hair problems such as pressure hair loss, Mediterranean alopecia, hair dryness, etc… 

"GinPoly™ definitely can help you to change your situation."


And it’s all credit to the 3 major Living Hair Factor which are Ginseng, Ginger and Polygonum multoiflorum included in GinPoly™. Ginseng contains magnesium and vitamins, that soothes the scalp and keeps the hair follicles active so that the scalp can grow new hair again. Fresh ginger root provides nutrients to the hair roots and adequate nutrition that can strengthen the hair roots, reduce hair frizz, and makes hair look smoother. The Polygonum multiflorum contains β-catenin and Shh that helps in the extract to promote hair growth, repair withered hair roots and prevent hair from falling out. 

"Since the ingredients are all organic, people who have sensitive scalps, oily or dry hair types are all safe to use."


Thanks for this Opportunity...

When Liu received the GinPoly™ from Jenny, she got really excited and eager to give it a try. After 5 days of using GinPoly™, Liu was delighted when she saw some tiny black dots starting to come out. A month later, the bald part that was told not reversible, has lots of baby hair growing on it. Liu decided to continue using it because of the effectiveness. She regained her cheerful personality and began to share her experience with everyone on social media.

"I began to have hope again."

- Liu

GinPoly™ has caught the attention of the people. Over 700,000 people from around the world are now using GinPoly™ and  80% of them claimed to have experience success innew hair growth and smoother hair. Hear what some users of KetoBello™ have to say.

"I never expected it can be that good first time using it."

- Thomas

"It really helps a lot, especially when your hair is so long, and it’s hard to maintain the nutrition of the hair. GinPoly™ helps me a lot on this, just a bottle, my hair can get all the nutritions that they need."

- Stella

Say goodbye to those poor hair conditions today with GinPoly™!

No harm to give it a try.