Hinge Drilling Plate
Hinge Drilling Plate
Hinge Drilling Plate
Hinge Drilling Plate

Hinge Drilling Plate

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Hinge Drilling Plate is made up of ABS plastic material. Besides, it used as template to mark a drilling hole. It can make a circle with high accuracy and precision, so it is perfectly fit with the hinge. 


  • Drill Jig: Alloy material rotor
  • Drill Jig: Sharp and durable
  • Easy to operate 
  • Light and portable
  • Make installation easier 
  • Super accurate margin adjustment 
  • Suitable for positioning and installation of furniture door hinges


  1. Determine the position of the hinge cup, the short plate is facing upward, the screw is fastened on the edge of the wooden board, and the hinge cup hole is drilled
  2. Draw a corresponding center line on the other board, the short board faces downward, the middle line is aligned with the inverted triangle, and the hinge positioning hole is drilled. Finally, install the hinges.


  • 1 x Hinge Drilling Plate