This lady can bring anything she touches back to life

She is known as one of the best Antiquarian Horologist in the world. She uses her magic to revive the lost art of antique mechanisms. But she once lost her mind.

Natalie suffered from a severe brain damage due to her premature birth. Knowing Natalie's difficulty is a life long battle, her father shed in tears.

"Hearing such news was disastrous for me, I almost give up. But once I hold Natalie in my arms, I knew I couldn't give up on her."

- Jacob.

Raising Natalie had its challenges, but there was never a dull moment

Hoping to give Natalie a normal childhood experience, Jacob sent her to kindergarten when she was 5. 

But he was soon politely asked to withdraw Natalie's enrollment. Due to her learning difficulties, she was transferred from school to school.

"The constant change of environment had affected Natalie negatively."

"She had a lot of meltdowns. She struggled to talk and remember things."

"She was always alone because none of the students accepted her."

- Jacob

Still, Jacob refused to give up on his daughter. He sent her for different therapies... but nothing worked.

A Sudden discovery 

As an Antique Clock Repairman, Jacob would spend most of his time preserving the antiques. One day as he was testing out an old clock that he fixed, its chime melody and ticking sound drew Natalie's attention. 

She became calmer and more focused instantly. 

Figured that she might love the sound of a ticking clock, Jacob gave her a pocket watch to play along every time.

"Since then, she would spend hours with me while I'm working on the antique clocks."

But Jacob's surprise didn't stop here. When Natalie had her second brain scan, her brain had grown by 50% incredibly. Then one day as he was fixing an antique clock, Natalie handed him the right tools for restoration by memory!

"I've always known that she was obsessed with the sound of a clock,"

"But I didn't expect her to pick up the mechanical skills herself!"

- Jacob

Thinking that Natalie might have talent in this

Jacob enrolled her to a Horological Institution for kids.

Natalie surprised Jacob even further by improving her skills with amazing speed.

In the blink of an eye, Natalie's understanding of horology has incredibly improved.

She even passed the exams with the highest score among the students of her institution.

Astounded by this achievement, Jacob let Natalie take the Mechanical Reasoning IQ Test. To everyone's disbelief, her score was in the top 2%!

To seek for an answer, Jacob took Natalie to see her doctor.

Dr. Oliver Began To Look Deeper

Amazed by Natalie's progress, Dr. Oliver decided to look into this miracle with his neuroscience team. He is the best in his field with 35 years of experience in researching the human brain. 

Initially, he suspected the clock-ticking sound had stimulated Natalie's brain abilities.

But after a house visit, Dr. Oliver was astonished to find the real factor.

Best Brain Power Solution: Stimuli™

Working on complex clock mechanisms could be stressful, which is why Jacob loved diffusing the scent of Frankincense all over his workspace to calm his mind. 

"Frankincense is a rare aromatic resin and it is also known as “The King of Oils” due to its effectiveness in strengthening brain power."

- Dr. Oliver

"I thought it was the clock ticking sound that helped Natalie. But it was the scent of Stimuli™ all along!"

- Jacob

Natalie's upward progress continued to amaze everyone. She became the youngest person to receive a scholarship in Horology from the University of Birmingham.​ 

After she graduated, she followed in Jacob's footsteps and studied more into antique mechanisms. With her talent, she became the most renowned Antiquarian Horologist in the world. Jacob couldn't be happier!

"Natalie has surprised all of us through her life. She has come so far since her struggles as a little baby all thanks to Stimuli™"

- Jacob

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