The Greatest Love from a sister

Sisters make the best friends in the world.

Tuesday 29 December, 2020 | Paul Boyd

Losing weight to become kidney donor for her sister   

Jenna and Sophie’s parents died from a terrible car accident since they were young. Their mother's elder sister, Aunt Lucy took them in as her children. One day, Jenna's sister was kidnapped by a man in the busy crowd while walking in the market. Aunt Lucy and Jenna searched everywhere to look for her. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her whereabouts after years of searching.

"We thought we lost her, it was heart-breaking..."

By an coincidence...

Years later, a couple moved in next to Jenna’s house. Jenna invited them over for dinner to welcome their new neighbor. Surprisingly, Sophie clicked instantly with Jenna’s personality.  

One day, Aunt Lucy decided to visit Jenna and she dropped her glass when she saw Sophie. It is because Sophie look just like Jenna's mother when she was young. Remembering that they have a matching pendant, Jenna showed Sophie the pendant.  

"When she took out the same pendant, both of us burst into tears."
"After all these years, we finally found her!"

A heartbreaking news

One day, Jenna received a phone call from Sophie that she was diagnosed with kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant within 6 months to survive. Jenna was tested to be the best candidate for the transplant. But Jenna was required to lose 5-8 sizes to qualify as a donor. By then, Jenna started exercising intensely to save Sophie. But after losing one size, her weight became stagnant.

"I was really frustrated as I was running out of time to save Sophie."

Just when Jenna decided to do liposuction as her last option…

Great Invention by Dr. Jonathan

Dr. Jonathan whom was in-charge of Sophie's treatment came up with an incredible product he had worked on. It is a modern non-surgical weight management method and the product was called as MagZero™.

"It is compacted with the essence of nano magnet, capsaicin, salicornia and natural herbs."

Dr. Jonathan revealed that it is a magnetic navel slimming patch that stimulates metabolism and blood circulation. The product is highly effective in blocking the absorption of oil, sugar and starch and it also helps to balance appetite. Not only that, Capsaicin is an extract from hot chili peppers that helps to stimulate metabolism and burn abdominal fats. The essence can be quickly absorbed into the body through our navel area due to the thin belly wall.

"This is nature's way of detoxifying our bodies. It's inexpensive. Modern days' methods may sometimes be harmful with oral consumption of medicines and supplements."

-Dr. Jonathan

"The body can't burn enough calories without proper blood circulation. A combination of ingredients can boost the blood circulation of our body which contributes to weight management"

-Dr. Jonathan

Thanks for this Opportunity....

Jenna started noticing an obvious result after using MagZero™ for a week. Convinced by the result, Jenna continued using it every night. 3 months later, Jenna lost a total of 8 sizes and she was finally qualified to be the donor for Sophie. The surgery went well and the transplant was a great success.
"I was so thankful that I was introduced to MagZero™." 
"I couldn't imagine life without my sister again."    


No harm to give it a try.