How A 25O-lbs Police Officer Received Medal Of Valor For Taking Down A Drug Lord

“I never thought that I could achieve something like this 6 months ago!”

Monday, February 21, 2022: Written by Henry Singleton, Senior Editor

This is a very inspiring story of a female cop in New York, Andrea Turner.

Working an unstable shift and long hours, Andrea always felt tired and lazy to cook.

Binge-watching Netflix and ordering takeouts quickly became her favorite. Her weight slowly crept up but she didn't care much as that didn't affect her job much.

But everything changed in August 2018... Andrea & her duty partner Jake was responding to a domestic violence call. They got there in 5 minutes, but the abusive husband fled the scene after he heard the siren.

Jake immediately chased after the perp and asked Andrea to cut him off at the next junction.

But she was too big.

After sprinting for only a minute, she ran out of breath and stopped running. She jogged her way toward the next junction.

By the time she got there, the perp was long gone, leaving Jake in the alley, unconscious and his face was covered in blood.

“It’s all my fault. If anything happened to Jake, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.” - Andrea

The Guilt Was Eating Her Alive From The Inside Out..

Fortunately for Jake, or even Andrea, the surgery was very successful. After lying on the bed for 2 weeks, Jake was able to return to the force.

Andrea was going to give him a hug but Jake avoided her and walked straight into the captain's room.

Turned out, Jake requested to change partner as he couldn't forgive Andrea.

“How can a 250-pound cop back me up when I need? It’s dangerous for me!

The captain also issued a final warning for her - If she couldn’t pass the fitness test in 6 months, she will be fired!

She Tried Hard To Get Into Shape, But NOTHING Had Worked For Her..!

It wasn't easy, but she was determined. So she started taking actions.

  • She tried working out in the gym, but that only lasted for 2 weeks when she was made fun of by other police in the gym.
  • She tried all the famous diets - Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Calorie Counting, etc. But none of them worked for her. 
  • She tried taking dietary supplements, but, just like your doubts, they never seem to take any effects.

One morning while Andrea was getting ready for work, she suddenly got dizzy and eventually fell down on the floor.

Good thing her neighbor was nearby and he quickly called 9-1-1. She was rushed to the hospital and when the doctor examined her, she discovered that her blood pressure reading was through the roof!

"I tried almost all the solutions out there, but nothing seems to be working.."

Finally, Dr. Harada's Latest BioScience Breakthrough Gave Me A "New Life" Again

When Andrea almost gave up, her childhood bestie, Charlotte visited her in New York.

After listened to Andrea's story, Charlotte decided to introduce her husband, Dr. Harada to Andrea.

Dr. Harada is a medical scientist who specializes in traditional Japanese medicine — Kampo (漢方).

After a thorough counseling session with Andrea, Dr. Harada showed her a specially-formulated patch that contains extract of a very rare Japanese mint, also known as ‘Hokuto’.

The idea behind it is so simple where you can simply stick it to whichever body part that you want to shake down some size, and the natural ingredients that are infused in the patch will start melting down the fat cells within days.

“The success rate with all volunteers including my wife is incredibly high. I’m confident that Miryoku™ patch will be able to help Andrea.” - Dr. Harada

This Is The Latest Breakthrough In Modern Medical Weight Management

Andrea had some doubts as she tried many other products and none of them worked. But after seeing Charlotte's result with her own eyes, she decided to give it one last try.

And she was so shocked by the results!

  • In Week 1, she felt a mild minty sensation from the patch. But she decided to keep going.
  • In Week 2, she started to get used to the patch. She found out that she’d lost 7 Ibs by just using the patch.
  • At the end of the month, she had lost a whopping 35 Ibs.

After 3 months of using the patch, Andrea had to give away all of her clothes that became too big for her.

And she became more confident and happy than she used to be.

Plus, she not only passed the fitness test with flying colors, but she also received a Medal for Valor for taking down an international drug lord with her squad!

NO counting calories
NO cutting carbs
NO hours of boring exercise
NO sacrificing delicious foods
Enjoyable, FAST, Lasting Weight Loss

Since the released of Miryoku™ patch, the demand exploded! After Andrea shared her story with the manufacturer, they are willing to reserve a limited portion for us.

But we don't know when they will run out of stock.

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