Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen
Paint Brush Pen

Paint Brush Pen

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🎄Are you still worried about children's Christmas gifts?🎄

This brush is the perfect Christmas gift that children dream of. Every child wants to have his own set of brushes to draw his own works

What are the benefits of children's drawing for children?
  • Memory improvement
  • Improved observation ability
  • Improved imagination
  • Timely venting of emotions
  • Painting makes the left and right brains "work" together
  • The drawing process exercises children's various abilities
  • Painting is a form of expressive expression


  • Flexible Brush Tip - The nylon brush tip allows you to create thin, precise lines with the fine tip and thick, bold lines when light pressure is applied
  • For a Variety of Projects - Blendable ink that’s ideal for coloring, sketching, drawing, watercolor painting, calligraphy and more
  • Use Wet or Dry - Use the pens as they are for a bolder application or produce watercolor effects by adding water to blend and layer colors
  • AP Certified Nontoxic - The water-based ink is certified nontoxic and suitable for artists of all levels

Enjoy the wide range of colours offered in this set and use these versatile tools to produce a variety of vibrant artwork. The flexible nylon brush tip allows you to apply a painterly touch to all of your pieces. Use the very tip of the nib with a light hand to create precise lines. If you’re looking to create more heavy-handed strokes, apply pressure as you sketch or colour to create bold lines. Draw varied line weights and produce eye-catching colour combinations to create interest in your pieces.

No need to use a water cup, these pens offer the same bendability as watercolors without the typical mess. Sketch your piece directly onto watercolour paper and blend the colours with just a little bit of water. Try wet-on-wet techniques like washes or glazing, or dry techniques like dry brushing. You can even sprinkle salt onto your pieces when they’re wet to create one-of-a-kind textures in the pigment. Use the included water brush pen or opt for paintbrushes dipped in water to blend away any harsh lines or create gradients.

🎄Product Description🎄

Produce beautiful watercolour paintings in rich, broad strokes. Create stunning calligraphy in small, neat strokes. You can even sketch, draw or fill in colouring books, with a single tool.

To use with water: Apply colour in a line along the edge you wish to be the darkest. Apply more ink over this line or draw several lines next to each other for more saturated colour. Fill the included water brush pen, and brush it over the ink. The water will pull the color across the page in a natural gradient just like watercolor paints.

To use without water: Pick two to three colours you wish to blend together - Shadow, Highlight, and Main Color. Starting with the darkest color, draw lines along the most shaded areas of your piece. Use your Highlight color to add in marks where highlights should be. Finally, take the main colour, and colour over the highlights and shadows to blend all three together.

Product Dimensions 12 x 1.5 x 7.7 inches
Shipping Weight 1.05 pounds
Item model number ARTZ-8090

Use With Water:


From sketching to calligraphy, drawing to watercolour painting, you can do it all with a single pen.

Water-Based Ink
Feels like a genuine watercolour painting without the usual mess.
Use Without Water:

Flexible Nylon Brush Tip
Create a variety of strokes from the fine, medium, to bold with these flexible brush tips

This safe, water-based ink can be used by both adults and children (ACMI-Certified).


  • 1 x Paint Brush Pen set