Poor Man Reborn

A moment that can change your life

Tuesday 30 March, 2021 | Frank Brown

Rises with mysterious help after terrible falls in life

A homeless man with a long beard always stand outside the window of restaurant. He was shivering in hunger and stared at the nice piece of steak. There is a manager commanded his worker, John to tell the homeless man to get lost. He secretly took a piece of left over steak and shared their dream with each other. 

“I was so desperate as I was the only support for the family.”

One day, the homeless man turned into a rich and well-dressed man and he came back into the restaurant. This time, he didn’t come back to buy a steak but he came back and bought the restaurant. He told John that he found an odd looking bracelet that changed his life. This helped him gain a fortune and he also bought the bracelet to John. 


An Odd Looking Bracelet

John then put on the bracelet and suddenly he feels a strange  went through his body.


"It may sound weird but I feel so energized and positive once I put it on!"

A few days later, a miracle happened as he found a lottery ticket that turns out to be a winning ticket. He used the money to start his small business. His business grew well and he earned a lot of money from his business. 

"I was so grateful about everything the bracelet gave me, I see it as my lucky charm."

A Misfortune Happened...

Unluckily, John was robbed and lost his odd looking bracelet. Everything seem to change after that. He received a call that his business had to close down. Not only that, he also lost most of the remaining money as his bank account being hacked 

"We can't afford to pay the staff, so we were forced to close down the company."


After this incident, Dean fell into deep depression. At this point of time, he remembered the bracelet that he lost.

"Just as all hope seemed to be lost, I remember the homeless man know where to buy the odd looking bracelet."


Thanks for this Opportunity...

"I asked him where he got it and he shared an online store to me."

- John

By skimming over the online store, John get to know that this bracelet could provide him positive energy that draws good fortunes as well as energy forces to harmonize individuals. 

Apart from that, John also found out that the Dzi beads are an eye which will help to look for opportunities and it were blessed with good energy through many rituals. Soon, John’s bracelet arrived and he put it on excitedly.

"It might be weird for some of you, but once I wear it, I feel energized."

- John

The homeless man and John started a business together and their business took of in just weeks. 

Success is simply a matter of luck.