The World's Best Miyadaiku Silently Preserved The Great Building in Japan

Oshiro Katsu is a Miyadaiku (Japanese Carpentry) that maintained the great building in Japan. He took 20 years to master the art of Miyadaiku. Despite his great deals of achievement, he lost is soul once. 

"What you can rely on is the memory of the hands and the body. This is the sagacity passed down from our ancients. I can't let this legacy end with me."

"There was once I had lost my way and forgotten who I am. However, with the help of my apprentice, I got my memory back. "

- Oshiro.

Dr. Shiraki Kenshin came across his story and he was curious in knowing what made Oshiro to recover from it. So, Dr. Shiraki decided to visit Oshiro to investigate more.

Oshiro's Lonely Past

Oshiro’s apprentice, Taro Masumi, told Dr.Shiraki his experience when his mentor was unwell. 

"Our mentor started to messing up the procedures that he was considered a professional at. He even use the wrong tools. "

The worst off he had been was when we found him in the police station because he was lost. We were feeling down due to the struggle he facing."

"I bought him to the doctor and was diagnosed with dementia. He went for many kinds of treatments and saw specialists. But even after he tried everything, nothing worked!”

"It caused his anxiety to worsen and he became forgetful more often. For him to rejuvenate, I bought him to my homeland, Rebun Island." 

The Unique Island, Rebun Island

Dr Shiraki was curious about the island that cured Oshiro. He vowed to stay on the island to investigate. He had interviewed one of the islanders, Kaito Isamu.

"Rebun Island is an unique island which features many alpine flowers. Clary Sage is one of the therapeutic alpine flowers and has a long history here."

"We have loads of it here because it is used as a flavoring in tea and it is sometimes used to produce sachets by our ancestors. It is a belief of our ancestors that it can help with refreshing our brain and keep us clear at all time."

"When visiting our island, you will be welcomed with the elegant yet sweet fragrance of Clary Sage."

"We treat what nature gives us here as pure treasure."

"Everyone on the island is content with even just the minimal things they have."

- Kaito

Best Brain Growth Solution: Salvary™

Dr. Shiraki created Salvary™ to maximize its functions. The Clary Sage is extracted to produce Salvary™ essential oils through steam distillation. 

"Salvary™ can quickly improves the neurotrophins as the scent ignites feelings of relaxation. Additionally, the rosmarinic acid contained in the Clary Sage protects against memory deficits."

- Dr Shiraki

Kenji Yamazaki, who diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia have recovered from it.

"Without realising, I ask the same questions repetitively. But just a few weeks into Salvary's treatment, I was able to remember the things I said even hours ago. Thanks to Salvary™, I went home to my family with open arms.

- Kenji

"The word failure does not scare the younger generation I think."

"One should be courageous enough to take up the challenge in the genetic world." 

-Dr Shiraki

No harm to give it a try