An Angle That Saved More Than 20 Paralyzed Patients

She had been named as a "Angel Nurse" for her amazing efforts. She was honored for her bravery & sacrifice.

But she couldn't save herself from the wild fire.

Susan suffered from multiple organ damage, she is in a coma for almost 20 years.

"Even my friends suggested me to agree on euthanasia my sister, ending her suffering..."

- Jennifer, Susan's sister.

She was a Hero To The Others, An Angel That Sacrifice Herself.

"Susan was the only one willing to stay behind & push me on my wheelchair to safety!" 

- Charlie, a paralyzed patient

Susan is blessed with a caring and loving sister, Jennifer who didn't give up on her.

"I was in great despair, but I do not want to give up on my only sister."

"Her condition is worsening every year, & there is no sign of recovery."

"Even the doctor said that she might be on the sick bed for her lifetime, there is nothing the doctors can do."

- Jennifer, Susan's only sister.

The Doctor Diagnosed Susan As Potential vegetative state

It's a fortune out of misfortune, that the fire is extinguish right on time to save her life.

Susan survived from the terrible fire, but that's only the beginning on her tragic story...

Jennifer is desperate looking for alternative healing methods, but nothing seems to work, until she met a fellow church mate.

"Here, take this, It might helps"

"I've been making these bracelet for many years, it's a holy culture passed down for generation in my family" 

"With faith & prayers, I'm sure that good news will come to you."

- Jane, Jennifer's Church Mate

Jennifer Began To Study The Salvation Bracelet

Jennifer became curious and wanted to know how the Salvation Bracelet works, as it brings miracle to her sister in coma.

"I've been making these bracelet for many years, it's a holy culture passed down for generation in my family." 

"Each color represent a faith from the bible."

- Jane, Jennifer's Church Mate

Best Faith Channeling Bracelet: Salvations™

"After back to US, I still have the anxiety attack sometime. 

But with Salvations™, I feel calm all the time and I can enjoy my happy life with family." 

- Benhard.

"It make me feels like I'm reborn again mentally!" 

- Leon.

"With a sincere heart, it made my legs feel great again!" 

- Kyle.

"I couldn't believe the result. I became well again."

"Thanks to Salvations™. I'm restored!" 

- Gary

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