This Man Saved More Than 30 Refugees From The War Zones

He had been named as a Refugee Saviour for his amazing feats. He was honored for his bravery by his country.

But he couldn't save himself after he returned to his homeland.

Benhard suffered from serious anxiety after he got back home. He couldn't sleep well and always restless.

"My head is like living in the storm all the time. I just couldn't get over the noise and the tension of the war. 

It kept lingering in my mind."

- Benhard.

I Was A Hero To The Others During The War But Useless To My Family

"In my state of nervousness, I became useless and a burden to my family." 

- Benhard

Benhard is blessed with a caring and understanding wife, Tracy who didn't give up on him.

"At first, we thought the anxiety was temporary and is normal for a soldier upon returning home.

But, his condition getting from bad to worse."

"His anxiety attack could just happened anytime and at times, he reacted violently. It was frigthening."

"It happened that he could lose control and beaten up our dear daughter."

"The worst was when he wanted to end his own life."

- Tracy

The Doctor Diagnosed Benhard As Having A Disease Called Existential Anxiety

We brought him to see many specialists trying all kinds of treatment.

A doctor had recommended for us to take Benhard travelling as it may help. We travelled to Australia to see my brother there. 

A strangest thing happened when we stayed with my brother in his wood hut.

"Benhard laughed more than usual!"

"The best part is…...

he slept soundly and peacefully throughout the night."

"This is the husband I knew, the one I fell in love with and now he's back."

- Tracy

Dr. Ray Began To Study Benhard

Dr. Ray became curious and wanted to know how Benhard recovered from his anxiety when he got here in Australia.

"Benhard spent most of the time in the house."

"Except in the morning where they went into the jungle to do trekking."

- Dr. Ray

Best Emotional Solution: Sandela™

"After back to US, I still have the anxiety attack sometime. 

But with Sandela™, I feel calm all the time and I can enjoy my happy life with family." 

- Benhard

"We won a competition for being the happiest region in Australia." 

- Leon.

"All my patients responded positively to the scent as they have better control of themselves emotionally and became happy and motivated."

- Dr. Ray

"I couldn't believe the result. I became well again."

"Thanks to Sandela. I'm restored!" 

- Gary

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