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A Short Run Is Better Than No Run! 

Tuesday 29 December, 2020 | Anthony 

I Believe People Can Do Far More Than They Think They Can

As a schoolboy in London, Anthony ran a mile in 4:34. He later belonged to the same running club, Walton Athletic, as did Chris Chataway, who paced Roger Bannister to the first sub-four minute mile, and Alan Turing, the mathematician who broke Germany’s Enigma code in World War II.

"I love running since I was young. It became part of my life"

At 21 years old, he started competing in ultramarathon around the world. He once held the world record for completing his run in the shortest time! 

Leg injury is not an easy journey....

One day, his body stopped working as it was supposed to..

His foot pain got so bad until he needed a wheelchair to support. He struggled to stand for more than 3 minutes at a time.

"I am literally in the worst shape in my life and physically I feel terrible than I ever have."

"I have to run again. The day I stop running is the day I die. I'll dedicate my entire life to relieving my foot pain so I can get back on match.."

- Anthony

Anthony started all sort of physiotherapy, but the result is not promising.... 

Great Invention by Dr. Kitamura

Dr. Kitamura inherited the ancient Japanese techniques from his family lineage. This ancient medical technique known as "Yuiitsu No Kokoro" has been treating the Japanese Emperors for centuries. 

"It's really amazing! I haven't felt this good and alive in years!"

"This is nature's way of detoxifying our bodies. It's inexpensive. Modern days' methods may sometimes be harmful with oral consumption of medicines and supplements."


Dr. Kitamura explains, it is revolutionary because it helps to reduce inflammation and ensure all the systems in our body heal themselves and perform at the optimal condition. This is the latest breakthrough in modern medical treatment. 

"The sole of our feet is the basis of our lives. However, our immune system will degenerate as we age. Damaged cells or harmful bacteria in the body have been medically proven to be the main cause of sleep problems, headaches, dizziness and cancer"

-Dr. Kitamura

Thanks for this Opportunity....

By expelling the toxins and harmful substances from his body, it will improve the immune systems and keeps him from getting sick. 

"I just put it on while sleeping and what happened the next day was nothing short of miracle."

"It felt like I had just gotten a 2-hour comfortable foot massage."- Anthony

After one month, he was back to running and able to run for one hours continuously.

"I felt my feet were totally relieved. It was the easiest, painless treatment I ever encountered in my life."-Anthony

No harm to give it a try.