Waterspots Remover
Waterspots Remover
Waterspots Remover
Waterspots Remover
Waterspots Remover

Waterspots Remover

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Clean & Clear vision for your safest driving experience

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Wipers can't seem to be effective under the rain? It is extremely dangerous to drive with poor windshield visibility, therefore you'll need the help of the Waterspots Remover! Keeping your windshield crystal clear at all time!


The Waterspots Remover easily coats on the surface you sprayed it on, applying hydrophobic effect of the surface without needing specialized equipment or expensive chemicals! It effectively stop water droplets to adhere on the surface, making the water droplets bead up & roll off the surface.

The Waterspots Remover can last up to 6 months once applied to the surface, simply spray a light amount & coat it thoroughly with a sponge to have it protect your glasses! 


  1. Clean the surface of the glass
  2. Wipe the surface dry with a piece of cloth, ensure it is free of moisture on the surface
  3. Shake well & spray lightly on the surface
  4. Gently apply the coating with a sponge (rotate slowly in a single direction)
  5. Wait for 3-5 minutes, wipe the coating with a dry towel until the glass turns transparent
  6. Waterspots Remover coating last up to 6 months 



  • Works By Applying Hydrophobic Effect On The Glass
  • Water Droplets Bead Up & Roll Off The Surface
  • Increase Visibility Under Bad Weather, Safer For Driver
  • Effect Last Up To 6 Months Per Use
  • Effect Becomes More Significant At Higher Speed (If applied on vehicle)
  • Simple, Easy & Convenient To Use



  • 1 x Waterspots Remover (30ml)